Yorgo Alexopoulos

Employment and Internship Opportunities
Please send all inquiries with a cover letter, resume, and website (if applicable) to: jobs@yorgo.org

We are always seeking talented and dedicated individuals who are proficient and knowledgeable in the following skills sets or a combination of:

3D Printing

- Linux
- Processing
- Physical computing

Motion Graphics / Compositing / 2D Animation
- AfterEffects

Graphic Designers
- PhotoShop
- Illustrator
- InDesign

3D Artist
- 3D StudioMax
- Maya
- Cinema 4D

Industrial Designers with 3D / CNC fabrication experience
- Rhino
- Solid Works

- Frontend web development
- Server admin
- Light backend development

Electrical Engineering
- Physical Computing
- Building video / LED display systems
- Arduino / Dev Board / Raspberry Pi Experience

Audio Visual Integrator
- Experience in digital signage
- Installing complex video walls in public spaces
- Help designing and sourcing playback systems and related hardware

Systems Administrator
- Must be experienced in both Mac and PC
- Maintaining all systems, servers, hardware, and software in the studio

- Silkscreening

Production Assistant
- Light construction
- Errands
- Studio chores
- General needs

Please submit your resume and cover letter to: