Beguiled by Mystery is a new permanant video installation by Yorgo Alexopoulos that was completed in August, 2013. The piece was commissioned for Chicago's iconic IBM building designed by architect Mies Van Der Rowe and is located on the second floor in the Langham Hotel lounge. The work is comprised of twenty 15'' x 15'' square thin bezel high definition monitors arranged in one continuos line that are embedded into a fixed bronze frame seamlessly incorporating the work directly into the architecture of the building. Alexopoulos is a pioneer of combining and synchronizing high resolution video displays and working with unique aspect ratios and configurations. He designs large scale video installations by creating and rendering digital animations in their final native resolution which poses significant challenges. While standard HD resolution is 1920 x 1080 pixels, in Beguiled by Mystery Alexopoulos orchestrates his animation by designing an unconventional aspect ratio and screen resolution of 21,600 x 1080 pixels. This strategy results in a tediously slow rendering process and poses many challenges for creating content to match this high resolution environment. The artwork benefits tremendously from these efforts as it is realized to match the true physical pixel depth of the displays allowing the viewer to experience the artwork in the highest resolution possible. This technique has allowed Alexopoulos to invent a body of artworks that also explore nuanced effects not yet seen the the genre of video art. Combining his own paintings, photographs, drawings, live action film, and adapted imagery, he fuses his artworks using digital animation to create a nuanced time based metanarrative that unfold in real time resulting in a new type of visual experience. His digital animations take the viewer on a journey through an eclectically changing visual universe that cycles over and over with no beginning or end. Each scene is layered and mysterious while obviously touching on transcendental themes. He uses symbolism and cross cultural iconography to mentally handshake with the viewer to form a collective understanding of the themes that interest him while understanding the viewer brings their own set of circumstances and subjectivity to his exhibits. Alexopoulos' works invite the audience to transcend their egos and explore all things larger than the self. Beguiled By Mystery was made possible through the curatorial efforts of the Art Production Fund based in New York City.